All my work comes from my personal experiences, everything I paint, all my Universe has to do with who I am without filters, everything I have achieved, what I have built, also everything I have learned and everything I have lived.


This is another step in my constant search to know who I am, what I have to offer, what my service is and what my purpose is in this dimension.


Every day I make the decision to be the most honest and faithful version of myself so that I can never be disappointed.

I owe that to the freedom and courage that I have had inside since I was a child and that I have never been able to stop it.

That is why the word gratitude is a mantra to me; It is my way of celebrating life with successes and mistakes.


It has been shown to me that the only thing that matters is to give everything, always trusting yourself, without conditions.


In this life I have learned that all of this is worth it.


Fede Pouso